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Welcome to Bitterli's Webpage!

          Hello, my name is Bitterli! I have a YouTube channel with over 18,700 epic people subscribed. I upload various types of content from Minecraft, to me breaking Windows operating systems, and small indie games for fun. I'm well known for my, "Tribute to Stampy Cat," where I have a montage of Stampy's greatest moments in his lovely world series (As of 2013). I'm also known for a, "Herobrine," sighting video, a creepypasta of a character in the game minecraft that is generally creepy and messes with you. What I post on my channel is really just random things, but it is usually centered around prank calls or the video game Minecraft.

          There is one thing about my videos that makes me really enjoy making them, the editing process. Many people say that the editing process is a huge pain, but I actually have a fun time editing videos. I spend hours on top of hours, even days editing one video, and I won't get bored because I just love it so much. I have said it a few times, but my passion for editing videos is really high. I've been editing videos long before I started my YouTube channel (early 2011). I enjoyed it then, and I enjoy it now. If you want a video editor, go click above at the "Contact" tab where you can fill out a small form and I will make sure to get back to you.

          I started my YouTube journey with a channel called "Jpassword1" in early 2010. I uploaded a basic slideshow of roads in the state of Maryland (truly compelling, right?). I followed up with a second video in early 2013 because the first one got 69 views (what is wrong with me?). I then started to upload clips of my favourite kid shows, where I then learned of this thing called "copyright." The channel then got taken down, so I created a new "Jpassword1" channel as well as a new channel called "Jpassword1Minecraft," which later turned into the channel we all know. I uploaded really poorly recorded Minecraft videos at a whopping -5 to 10 fps. The videos didn't get that many views, until I uploaded a "Tribute to Mr. Stampy Cat" video in late 2013. I regret it now because I basically took two of Stampy's videos and put it into one huge video. Anyway, that video got me a lot of people checking out my content, it gave me the starting boost. People would leave positive comments on my channel, inspiring me to make more videos and constantly make my content better. I then found the legendary recording program "Fraps" which made my videos not look too horrible, I then started a series of livestreams in the summer of 2014, and partially carried on with the livestreams into early 2015. In January, 2015, I did my first ever "Minecraft Marathon" livestream, and I have done many more following, carrying me through 2015. The first heavily edited video I ever made was the "Parkour Rage (Extended Version)." That video is what also inspired me to continue to put loads more editing into my videos then I already did. I started prank calls in October of 2015 and trolling sometime mid 2015 as well. I have continued to produce Minecraft videos (not so much the lets plays, montages) and Prank Calls, as those are the most watched things on my channel. I do sometimes upload other games here and there, but mainly just Minecraft and Prank Calls.

          I also love setting up, running and managing a Minecraft server. I just love the feeling of creating a server and having people come on a play it. This brings me to my Minecraft server, LuckCraft. I started playing with small local host servers on my computer in early 2014, and didn't get my first public server until April, 2014. At the time, I was on MCProHosting, and it was called "Minestone." I didn't come up with the name until July, 2014 while creating a new server. The name was pretty cheap, but I stuck with it and here we are today. Around May, 2015, I left MCproHosting because they no longer accepted PayPal as a way to pay for the server. I went over to OwnageHosting and started work on LuckCraft 4, which is the longest running version of LuckCraft today, lasting for almost a year. I then left OwnageHosting to go to Minecrafted and started working on LuckCraft 5, and here we are today. I just love managing a server, that's all.

          In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be staff on FusePvP, or Mineoria, as a helper. FusePvP is a Minecraft Factions server owned by Superchache39, who is a rather big YouTuber with over 200,000 subscribers and has been seen in many of iBallisticSquid's and Stampy's videos. I started in May of 2015 and was laid off in November 2015. I was removed because "I wasn't active enough." I kind of find that funny because I was one of the more active helpers, and the one helper who was rarely on got to keep his rank, but it doesn't matter because I was going to leave anyway. I started to lose time and also started to lose interest in Minecraft as a whole.

          My time on the internet seems like a great time, but it always hasn't been. In November of 2015, an ex Mineoria staff member named, "Aexiom," blew up my server. Now let me give you some context, because there's more to it. Aexiom was the kind of guy as a staff member who would constantly start drama and problems on the server. As soon as the higher staff found out what he was doing, he gets all upset and leaves Mineoria. He then contacts me to help him with him with his server, so I did. But he never gave me any credit for it. So I raise hell over it. Imagine helping someone and you get no credit where credit is due, you would be pissed. So I talk to Aexiom, and he says literally, "get fucked." So I try to twitter DM him to get the issue solved. He was being difficult, and I had to go back to class because this was all during my school time. So I leave it at that. Aexiom then invites his little squad onto my server and proceed to blow the entire thing up. When I get home and see this, I go to twitter and tweet about it and instantly start the reconstruction and the exposal of this guy. The tweet got a ton of support, with even superchache39 (owner of Mineoria and big YouTuber) talking about it. Aexiom then quit Minecraft and YouTube for a while, and since has come back. He claims that I started it when I clearly didn't, but this is an example of some of the drama I have to deal with.

           Anyway, just to close off this text, I just want to thank you for reading this entire thing, I really appreciate it a whole lot. Thanks

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Most of my music is either custom nade or I get it from soundcloud sources which are stated in the description or in the video.

Another place where I get music from is Royalty Free Music.

I use either Open Broadcaster Software, Xsplit Broadcaster or the Elgato Game Capture HD60 as my recorder.

I use VideoPad Video Editor Home Edition. I don't use the latest version.

I use VideoPad Video Editor to make my thumbnails (snapshot feature).

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